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You’ve got something written, but still aren’t quite happy with the way it sounds. Let me polish your manuscript, to present you and your ideas, academic outputs or research in the very best light.


Every manuscript benefits from revision by a professional, native-English-speaking editor. Academic works, scientific articles, books and corporate manuscripts all have the best chance of being published, read and cited when they’ve received thorough editorial correction and polishing.
Pledge to authors 
– Absolute accuracy
– Obvious improvement
– A listening ear for specific concerns and questions
– Quick turnaround
– US, UK or “international” English.

From €60


You’ve got the ideas, but express yourself better (and quicker) in Dutch than in English. Just put it down in your preferred language and let me take care of the rest. 

You get the highest quality Dutch-to-English translation, with specific regard for your needs and concerns. Very short to very long texts, with discounts available for long documents.. Reliability in working on deadline. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

From €0.13 per word

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You’ve got something to say, but don’t know quite how to say it. Or, you have a stack of background documents, but no time or energy to turn it into an engaging story. Let me take the job out of your hands. 

Based on your source materials, and usually an interview with one or more subject matter specialists, supplemented by my research to fill in gaps, I will shape your message into a story that your customers and target audience will want to read and engage with. 

From €60

Marks Editing and Translation

More than 20 years of editorial experience in international environment, with an understanding of the specific requirements of different outlets and disciplines. Ample in-house experience combined with freelance practice. Reliability in working on deadline.  You get quick turnaround and dedicated feedback and support. 

Everywhere the written word matters.


Projects range from manuscripts targeting scientific journals, monographs and collective volumes to funding requests, curricula vitae, applications and cover letters, evaluation reports, promotional texts, executive summaries, advertisements, reviews, press releases, brochures, websites, newsletters, annual reports, magazine articles, research reports and reference books. 


>20 Years' Experience

5 Star Reviews

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support